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Bombaii Cutters is pleased to offer a wide range of high quality private label
brands from shampoos and conditioners, to styling aides.

Tiger Eye Shampoo

Mildest, most nourishing therapeutic shampoo enhanced with natural botanical extracts. A very gentle conditioning shampoo formulated for the special needs of chemically treated hair. Nourishing concentrations of whole wheat protein that strengthens and repairs hair damaged by over processing. A calming blend of botanical extracts naturally soothe the scalp. Eliminates chemical treatment odors. 8 oz.

Key Lime Clarifying Shampoo

Removes mineral, protein and polymer build-up. All hair types will benefit using a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up that interfere with hair performance and any chemical or conditioning treatments. Won’t strip color or curl. Clarifies three ways: (1)PH adjusted to remove styling product residue, (2)natural papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes remove protein build-up, (3)cleaning agents remove hard water minerals, chlorine deposits and medication residue from hair. 8 fl.oz.

Oasis Dry Shampoo

A Dry shampoo that cleanses, freshens, and protects color. Sulfate and paraben free 5.5 oz.

Tutti-Fruiti Shampoo

Comes in two formulas. Normal to oily & dry and chemically treated. Botanical shampoo, conditioner and finishing rinse in one. Perfect choice for an active lifestyle. Body building salon formula deep cleanses without drying, then conditions and detangles in one easy step. 8 fl.oz.

African Violet Shampoo

Eliminates brassiness and yellow tones from gray or bleached hair-with sun screens. Keratin enriched shampoo formulated to counter yellow tones from white or gray hair and tone down brassiness on bleached or tinted hair. This unique shampoo bursts into a rich later, thoroughly cleansing hair as it adjusts color. PH balanced. OUR BEST SELLER 8 fl.oz.

Headhunter Volumizing Shampoo

Washes weightless volume into fine, thin and thinning hair. A purifying shampoo that removes build-up that can weigh hair down and clog hair folic causing excessive hair loss. Adds proteins that build body with moisture and conditioning leaving hair fresh and full. Safe for permed and color treated hair.8 fl.oz.

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