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Bombaii Cutters is pleased to offer a wide range of high quality private label brands from shampoos and conditioners, to styling aides.

King Kong Conditioner

Total deep conditioning in just 60 seconds-corn, rice, wheat protein with botanical extracts and sunsreen. Deep condition dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. PH balanced. 4 oz.

Mane Tamer

Adjustable conditioning for all hair types-enhanced with natural botanical extracts. This light daily conditioner restores moisture and adds tensile strength to hair in just 60 seconds. Smooths and seals the hairs sensitive cuticle layer, locking in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair with no build-up. Special conditining extracts tame even the most unmanageable hair. Rinses away easily. 8 fl.oz.

Paradise Leave-In Conditioner

Unique leave-in treatment prohibits breakage, protects against heat styling re-texturizes, strengthens, and de-tangles hair. 4 fl. oz.

Rain Forest Reconstructor

Intensive first aid treatment for severly damaged hair, with sunscreens. Protein rich treatment for hair that has been severly damaged by chemical treatments. A blend of nutritive compounds adjusts proper PH balance and restores vibrancy to permed or color treated hair. 4 fl.oz.

Raggae Conditioning Spray

Leave-in conditioner & detangler for all hair types. Corn, rice and wheat protein with botanical extracts and sunscreens. This unequaled leave-in conditioner instantly detangles, reconditions and restores body and bounce. No need to rinse out-special anti-static formula fights away frizzes. Exceptional refreshments for a tired perm. PH balanced 8 fl.oz.