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Bombaii Cutters is pleased to offer a wide range of high quality private label brands from shampoos and conditioners, to styling aides.

Tiger Eye Shampoo

Mildest, most nourishing therapeutic shampoo enhanced with natural botanical extracts. A very gentle conditioning shampoo formulated for the special needs of chemically treated hair. Nourishing concentrations of whole wheat protein that stengthens and repairs hair damaged by over procesing. A calming blend of botanical extracts naturally soothe the scalp. Eliminates chemical treatment odors. 8 and 2 fl.oz.

Key Lime Clarifying Shampoo

Removes mineral, protein & polymer build-up. All hair types will benefit using a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up that interfere with hair performance and any chemical or conditioning treatments. Won’t strip color or curl. Clarifies three ways: (1)PH adjusted to remove styling product residue, (2)natural papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes remove protein build-up, (3)cleaning agents remove hard water minerals, chlorine deposits and medication residue from hair. 8 fl.oz.

Oasis Dry Shampoo

A Dry shampoo that cleanses, freshens, and protects color. Sulfate and paraben free 5.5OZ.

Tropical Corrective Shampoo

Corrective daily shampoo for fine, delicate and chemically treated hair. PH balanced specially formulated to add volume and body to fine, limp hair. Supportive moisturizing and conditioning factors are added to help strengthen and add flexibility to hair which has been stripped of body. 8 fl.oz.

Kiwi Spray

Smoothing and straighting spray with thermal protection 8 oz,
got left out of our product guide.

Tutti-Fruiti Shampoo

Normal to oily salon formula botanical shampoo, conditioner and finishing rinse in one-also for dry and chemically treated hair. Perfect choice for an active lifestyle. Body building salon formula deep cleanses without drying, then conditions and detangles in one easy step. 8 fl.oz.

African Violet Shampoo

Eliminates brassiness and yellow tones from gray or bleached hair-with sun screens. Keratin enriched shampoo formulated to counter yellow tones from white or gray hair and tone down brassiness on bleached or tinted hair. This unique shampoo bursts into a rich later, thoroughly cleansing hair as it adjusts color. PH balanced.
8 fl.oz.

Headhunter Volumizing Shampoo

Washes weightless volume into fine, thin and thinning hair. A purifying shampoo that removes build-up that can weigh hair down and clog hair folic causing excessive hair loss. Adds proteins that build body with moisture and conditioning leaving hair fresh and full. Safe for permed and color treated hair.8 fl.oz.

Cub Scrub Shampoo

Sensitive eyes formula. A shampoo for children and contact lens wearers. Tear-free, colorant-free, irritant-free shampoo with soothing botanicals. PH balanced. 8 fl.oz.

King Kong Conditioner

Total deep conditioning in just 60 seconds-corn, rice, wheat protein with botanical extracts and sunsreen. Deep condition dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. PH balanced. 4 & 16 fl.oz.

Mane Tamer

Adjustable conditioning for all hair types-enhanced with natural botanical extracts. This light daily conditioner restores moisture and adds tensile strength to hair in just 60 seconds. Smooths and seals the hairs sensitive cuticle layer, locking in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair with no build-up. Special conditining extracts tame even the most unmanageable hair. Rinses away easily. 8& 2 fl.oz.

Monkey Shine Conditioner

Light conditioner with special detangling properties. Instantly conditions, leaving hair soft, manageable and lustrous. Won’t weigh hair down. Excellent for normal, healthy hair that needs better performance, but not heavy conditioning. PH balanced. 8 fl.oz.

Paradise Leave-In Conditioner

Unique leave-in treatment prohibits breakage, protects against heat styling re-texturizes, strengthens, and de-tangles hair.  4 fl.oz.

Kona Conditioner

A lightweight daily use conditioner for all hair types. A lightweight conditioning rinse that helps smooth the hair as it detanles. Perfect for fine, thin hair or for those who shampoo and condition daily. 8 fl.oz.

Tidal Waves

Perm rejuvenator-with sunscreens. A product formulated for permed hair to revive curls and add springiness. It helps to eliminate the frizzes and ends static electricity. It can be used after shampooing or anytime curls need reviving. 2 & 8 fl.oz.

Rain Forest Reconstructor

Intensive first aid treatment for severly damaged hair, with sunscreens. Protein rich treatment for hair that has been severly damaged by chemical treatments. A blend of nutritive compounds adjusts proper PH balance and restores vibrancy to permed or color treated hair. 4 fl.oz.

Raggae Conditioning Spray

Leave-in conditioner & detangler for all hair types. Corn, rice and wheat protein with botanical extracts and sunscreens. This unequaled leave-in conditioner instantly detangles, reconditions and restores body and bounce. No need to rinse out-special anti-static formula fights away frizzes. Exceptional refreshments for a tired perm. PH balanced 8 fl.oz.

Jungle Mist

A dry workable spray that provides medium and tremendous shine-product never flakes and leaves hair brush able for re-styling.

Sunshine Spray

Shines, silkens, repairs and protects, enhanced with botanicals, vitamins and sunscreens. Advanced alcohol free, non-oily formula gives you shine without added weight. Protects by actually sealing the cuticle against moisture loss and color fading and leaves a mirrorlike shine. Eliminates the frizzes and ends static electricity. 4 fl.oz.

Mirage Volumizing Mist

Sprays amplified volume into fine, thin and thinning hair. A leave in spray that is safe for permed or color treated hair. 4 fl.oz.

Caribbean Spray

Extra holding spray. A fast drying spray that provides a firm hold. Holds syle all day while allowing hair the freedom of movement. Remains brushable. 10 fl.oz.

Safari Spray

High shine spray with all day hold enhanced with natural botanical extracts. A fast drying spray in a non-aerosol pump. For superb hair sculpting and styling versatility with unmatched shine. Brushes out without breakage. Shampoos out easily. Contains sunscreens. 8 fl.oz.

Ocean Spray

Quick drying pump spray with sunscreens an dsuper holding power. This unique quick drying spray was formulated for contemporary styling techniques and super holding power. It can be used on wet or dry hair, brushes or combs through easily and can be reapplied without a sticky build-up or flaking. Plus, special ingredients have been used to impart a clear and glossy finish. PH balanced. 8 fl.oz.

Jungle Gel

Moisturizing styling gel for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Natural cellulose gums provide non-tacky holding properties, restore luster and softness. A cosmetic-grade emollient, used in skin products is added to pamper hair and scalp. Will not flake or lose holding power, even in high humidity. PH balanced. 8 & 2 fl.oz.

Gelly fish Gel

A powerful gel with super shine beads, enhanced with botanicals and sunscreens. A gel whose styling capabilities are only limited by your imagination. Advanced, alcohol free formula gives you exceptional control and culr retention. Encapsulated beads store brilliant shine agents until you activate them with your palm pressure. No flaking, no bulid-up. PH balanced. 4 fl.oz.

Jamaica Spray Gel

A versatile syling spray gel with sunscreens. For dramatic styling capabilities combined with mending properties, this is the ultimate spray gel. Spike it, scrunch it, lift it! This product delivers incredible lift and volume with all day hold. Plus it will smooth hair cuticle leaving it soft and lustrous, never sticky or stiff. 8 fl.oz.

Junkanoo Jel

Versatile shaping jel for all types of hair, with sunscreens. A jel with two powerful setting and bonding agents working together for slicking, spiking, crunching and wet looks. Has excellent curl retention and memory. PH balanced. 8 fl.oz.

Mumbai Gelle

Weightless volume, scalp revitalizer with all day hold and shine. A alcohol free styling gel and scalp revitalizer. Will not flake or build-up over time. Perfect for all hair types. Especially effective for men and women with fine, thin and thinning hair. 8 fl.oz.

Baja Balm

A concentrated creme provides weightless texture, shine and manageability. 4 fl. oz

Loose Mousse

For volumizing and texturizing, enhanced with botanicals ans sunscreen. Advanced alcohol free, non-aerosol formula gives you the convenience and versatility of a spray gel together with the conditioning and volumizing properties of mousse. Revitalizes permed hair and textures virgin hair.

Wild Mousse-firm hold

A lightweight foam mousse that provides body, volume, texture, and a firm flexible hold to all hair types. 7 fl.oz.

Mango Mousse

Alcohol free extra hold mousse with sunscreen. A non-aerosol styling tool, designed to give you the control of a gel in a conditioning mousse. PH balanced. 7 fl.oz.

Puka Pomade

For dramatic brilliance, with sunscreen. A unique water soluble pomade with added conditioners and humectants. Created for sleeker, flatter, wetter looks. PH balanced. 7 fl.oz.

Everglades Smoothing Glaze

A non-chemical, temporary straightener with thermal protection. Designed to straighten, reduce frizz and protect hair from heat. Use with blow dryer for optimum curl control and added manageability. 5.7 fl.oz.

Voodoo Goo

A resinous paste to form hair styles. A paste to define, shine, and support. Twist, Sleek, or mess hair into place. 2 fl.oz.

Bees Wax

Wax pomade for separation and hold. A wax for maximum separation, texture and hold. 2 fl.oz.

Python Polish

Shine and smoothing gel. A highly concentrated gel that will gloss, smooth and control hair. This unique product helps lay down the hair cuticle creating a brilliant shine. Can be used as a straightening product or with other styling products. 4 fl.oz.

Tortoise Shell Gel

A high powered gel that has hyper-active holding strength for extreme styles. 4 fl. oz

Mediterranean Spray

Straight and curly mousse protects hair from heat damage caused by thermal appliances. Adds volume and shine while smoothing and straightening hair, when used with a flat iron. Can also be used to hold or rejuvenate curls. Provides medium hold.

Zebra Wax

A versatile spray wax provides texture and shine. Provides medium hold texture for choppy or stringy effects, root lift, shine and smoothness. 4 fl.oz

Zoo Glue

Extreme hold for any style imaginable. Provides long lasting hold and strong control and texture. Washes out easily. 4 fl. oz.

Panda Putty

Firm holding, matt-finish putty holds for texture, separation, and control. 4 fl. oz

Lion Lotion

Body building styling and sculpting lotion. Created for hair that needs extra body and for looser and natural styles. Excellent for blow drying, roller sets and wet looks. 8 fl.oz

Bombaii Flat Iron Spray

Smoothing and straightening spray with thermal protection. This product smoothes and straightens hair, controls curls, fights frizz and flyaways. Protects hair from heat damage caused by thermal appliances with no buildup. 8.5 fl.oz

Cabo Curl Definition Balm

A moisture-enriched creme that keeps curls smooth and frizz-free. Provides light, flexible hold and shine to hair. Increases curl and wave definition. 4 fl.oz


Extreme hold hair spray. An ultra fine mist that freezes on contact ensuring a long lasting style. 10 0z.